TYPO3 CMS is leading Enterprise Content Management System in Europe. There are estimated 500000 websites made using TYPO3 CMS. Lelesys has been working as leading TYPO3 CMS service provider in Germany. We have delivered more than 150 projects, extensions and websites using TYPO3 CMS in Europe.

Our services for TYPO3 CMS

We provide following services for TYPO3 CMS

  1. Migration of old TYPO3 CMS websites to TYPO3 Neos
  2. Migration of old applications developed using TYPO3 CMS to TYPO3 Flow
  3. Exporting large amount of data from TYPO3 CMS to TYPO3 Neos or Flow application
  4. Migration of TYPO3 CMS extensions to TYPO3 Neos 
  5. Rewriting Extbase TYPO3 CMS extensions as TYPO3 Neos packages 
  6. Consulting for upgrading TYPO3 CMS and partial migration to TYPO Neos
  7. Writing new applications using TYPO3 Flow and Neos and consulting existing services from TYPO3 CMS

Migrate to TYPO3 Neos

If you are building a new website or wants to relaunch your website, we recommend to use TYPO3 Neos. Read more about TYPO3 Neos here.

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