Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Neos

A quick overview of how TYPO3 Neos helps you best with Search Engine Optimization (Suchmaschinenoptimierung) SEO. For basic metadata you do not need any special extension and it is much easier to edit the meta information than TYPO3 CMS or any other CMS. More information about TYPO3 Neos is here.

Custom page title and URL

Custom page title in Neos

TYPO3 Neos allows you to edit page title in the menu as well as page title for browser title.  

You can also define a URL as per your wish. This also applies for multilingual websites.

All editing is easy and possible for each page in the Neos Inspector.

Page meta-data

Page metadata editing in Neos

Having easily editable metadata for each and every page of your website is key for doing effective SEO. Neos allows you to add Metadata easily for each page from Inspector in the backend.

Moreover you can add more fields if you need to support additional features such as metadata for Facebook etc. 

Adding new fields is as simple as adding some YAML configuration.

Image alternative text

Image alternative text in Neos backend

Entering "alt" text for each image you upload to your website is possible right in the Neos backend. 

In addition to alt text Neos has full Media manager, cropping of images, alignment options, linking of images. 

Naturally flowing hierarchy

Neos page tree

Neos helps you to create a naturally flowing hierarchy of pages with built-in page tree. You can easily add/edit pages and also define the URL scheme. 

You can also create page tree nodes which are actually linked to another pages in the page tree or even to different websites. 

Sitemap with Google XML

sitemap package for TYPO3 Neos

Lelesys has already developed and released Sitemap package for TYPO3 Neos. You can find more information here.

Sitemap package also support generating XML output for submitting to Google.

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