Forum for TYPO3 Neos

Forum for TYPO3 Neos

Forum Extension Package for TYPO3 Neos

Package key Lelesys.Plugin.Forum
Version 1.0.0-alpha1
First upload April 8, 2014
Last modified April 8, 2014
Category Frontend, Backend
Dependencies TYPO3 Neos 1.0.x
composer require lelesys/plugin-forum:1.0.*@alpha

Installation directory: Packages/Plugins

Author Lelesys India


Forum for TYPO3 Neos extension by Lelesys adds forum capability for TYPO3 Neos powered website. This extension is partially plugin-less and fully based on nodes concept in TYPO3 Neos. 

This package is an offshoot version of a big TYPO3 Neos based project where a special Forum was built. This gives basic functionality to start with a simple forum to make posts and replies. This is an effort towards spreading word of TYPO3 Neos and its capabilities.


Click here for live demo of the forum package. We will soon also make this available through

Features in this release (1.0.0-alpha1)

  1. Fully node based
  2. List of forums organised in categories 
  3. Multilingual ready (when TYPO3 Neos is ready for multilingual)
  4. Multiple instances (create many instances of the Forums)
  5. Create posts from Frontend
  6. Create post replies and replies to replies from Frontend to any level down to form a discussion
  7. Integrates with Lelesys.Captcha package for basic spam protection in Frontend forms
  8. Counts unique visits for the posts (based on IP address and session)
  9. Customisable templates


Screenshot1: Categorised forum list

Screenshot2: Single forum lists the posts

Available Node Types

  1. Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Category (Document) - Marker document node as Forum Category
  2. Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Forum (Document) - Marker document node as Forum
  3. Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Forums (Content) - Content element to render categorised list of forums
  4. Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Post (Document) - Marker document node as Forum Post which also act as a reply (not to be used in backend. it is created in Frontend)

Example site-map (nodes)

- Home
- About us (Page)
- Contact us (Page)
- Forum (Page)
- - - Forums (Content element which lists the categories)
- -  General (Forum Category)
- -  Technology (Forum Category)

Getting started

Install via composer:

1. Install Neos if not already

composer create-project typo3/neos-base-distribution /var/www/neossite 1.0.2

2. Finish Neos setup

3. Run in your project's root directory

composer require lelesys/plugin-forum:1.0.*@alpha

4. Add following in top level Configuration/Routes.yaml just after the TYPO3 Neos route for captcha to work.

  name: 'Flow'
  uriPattern: '<FlowSubroutes>'
    '@format': 'html'
      package: TYPO3.Flow

5. Flush and warmup cache (only for Production context)

./flow flow:cache:flush --force && ./flow flow:cache:warmup

6. Run doctrine migration

./flow doctrine:migrate

7. Login to backend and start creating your sitemap including Forum as shown in above sitemap example!

For more information please visit Github page


To change the template for categorised forum list view, add following TypoScript code in your site package's Root.ts2

prototype(Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Forums).templatePath = 'resource://MyVendor.MyPackage/Private/Templates/NodeTypes/Forums.html'

To change the template for single forum, add following TypoScript code in your site package's Root.ts2

prototype(Lelesys.Plugin.Forum:Forum).templatePath = 'resource://MyVendor.MyPackage/Private/Templates/NodeTypes/Forum.html'

To change the template for single post or the new post form you should use the standard Views.yaml configuration to assign a custom template to PostController->showAction and PostController->newAction respectively. 

More information on the Views.yaml here

Todo list for next releases

  1. Code cleanup (unused code, CGL)
  2. Add more fields to the post and reply forms like author, e-mail
  3. Auto fill user information for logged in users (Person information)
  4. List forums when clicked on a category in the breadcrumb
  5. Make post body rich text enabled (RTE)
  6. Allow file uploads via post / replies
  7. Add signals for creation of new posts/replies
  8. Add post / forum watch function for logged in users
  9. Add notifications (web and e-mail for watched forums / posts)
  10. Add configuration options like Lelesys.News
  11. Content caching strategy starting with Neos 1.1

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