Enterprise ready

TYPO3 Neos support many features from the beginning which are important when you want to develop Enterprise CMS applications. Consider using it for a highly scalable and complex solution and it already support most of the common requirements in these cases.

Continuous Integration

Neos comes with a tool from TYPO3 family called as Surf. It perfectly works to automate your continuous integration system and deployment with live system. You get many features including database update, migrations and also rollback. You can also include custom actions as needed.

Cloud ready

Neos is already equipped with features for making your applications and websites cloud ready. With powerful framework below it called as TYPO3 Flow it is possible to develop high capacity cloud applications easily.

Using other PHP packages

While developing complex application it may be possible that you want to include already developed open source PHP components in your project. Most likely good PHP projects support composer. It is possible to include third-party PHP components in Flow and Neos with minor efforts using Composer

Web services

In most of the enterprise cases you have requirement of connecting your application or website to third-party services like SAP, SalesForce, Google Maps, Active Directory or Sugar CRM. Neos has possibility to easily consume such services already. Neos is also capable of serving the content of the website as REST or SOAP API which can be then used by Mobile Apps or other applications.


Neos readily supports Single-sign-on as well as you can develop your own authentication methods. It is also possible to use existing authentication methods like LDAP or Windows Active Directory.


Neos has multi level cache mechanism and is highly effective. It is also possible to use external caching systems like Varnish.


It is possible to customise workflows. Editors can edit the website as they see on the web or in editor mode. 

Cost of training

For the first time editors get real What You See Is What You Get interface for content editing. Editing is as simple as click on the text and start editing. This saves lot of time to train your staff about a newly introduced solution based on Neos.

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