Content editing with TYPO3 Neos

For the first time you get experience of real "What You See Is What You Get" content editing with TYPO3 Neos. Editing a website is as simple as log-in to Neos and click on parts of your content and start typing. This is one of the most advanced content editing experience than any existing CMS in the world.

The page tree

Neos page tree

Neos content is structured into pages which are highest level of nodes in the nodes tree. For content editor basic way to browse through pages is using page tree. You can click on the page title and edit content of the page as well as page properties. You can also Add or Delete pages from the page tree.

Multi-column content

Within content of your page you often need layouts which cannot be decided when you design the website. Neos supports very flexible creation of columns. So you can make your layout within the page with 1,2,3 or many column layout. It is possible to make these columns in nested way as well.

Text with images

Neos text with images

Most of websites need pages with combination of text and images in different layouts. Sometime you need images on left or right or in the center. Neos makes it easy for you to select the alignment of image with your text. This is very important features if you want to make your image and text combination very effective.

Custom content elements

neos custom content elements

Neos supports creating your custom content elements. You can also make combinations of existing content elements to make new content structures. Most of the times this can be easily achieved by just editing a YAML configuration file. 

Adding content elements to a page

Neos: adding content element to a page

Neos provides many default content elements. To add a content element to a page just click on + icon and choose from default and custom content elements. You can also make custom plugins on your website with the help of developer or a company like Lelesys providing custom package development service for TYPO3 Neos. 

Content element properties

Neos content element properties

Neos provides a way to edit properties of each content element using a panel on right hand side called as Inspector. e.g. For Page you can customise page URL, Title, publishing date or metadata. It is also possible to add custom properties to a page or other content elements using some YAML configuration.

Image editing

Neos image editing, cropping and uploading

Neos includes a fully featured image editing tool. You can upload image from your disk. You can crop part of the image using a visual selection tool. You can also decide size of the image as well as add alternative text and visibility options. Neos handles images pretty nicely in responsive design templates.

Digital assets / Media

Neos digital assets and media

Neos includes tool to manage your images at a central place. Next versions of Media package also support other digital assets like PDF files. You can tag images as well as search for images. This is a useful tool when you want to use images at various places and do not have to upload same images again and again. Next features of Media will be handling different versions of same asset for file size and quality. 

Editing modes

Neos editing modes

Neos provides different editing modes. As a normal user you can use default in-place editing mode where you edit the text as it looks on the website. However for professional writers it is not important to see how content looks on the front-end than the actual quality of the content. In this case Raw content mode can be used which shows content without any visual design template. 


Neos workspaces and publishing of content

Neos allows you to take control of your content publishing with easy to use interface. Each user gets his workspace where he can monitor changes and push for publishing. You can discard changes and move back to old version of the change. Workspace will provide more advanced workflows and versioning of content in future releases of Neos.

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