Lelesys is one of the first companies in the world who has used Neos for enterprise projects. It has been used as Facebook page content manager for Social Media Suite for one of the largest travel booking company in the world.  Neos provides totally new way of content editing and has strong framework of custom extension development based on Flow. Contact us now to know more about Neos as well as see Neos demo here.

Why Neos CMS?

  • Highly extensible enterprise class CMS 
  • Strong Flow framework underneath
  • Full content export / import 
  • Multiple domains support
  • Advance in technology and futuristic (integrates RequireJS, EmberJS)
  • Predictable user interface
  • Wireframe mode - start adding content without having template
  • Web based package management
  • In-place content editing
  • Easy to define highly flexible custom in-place editable content elements 
  • Integrate Flow applications as plugins
  • TypoScript2 well structured in PHP classes
  • New EEL (Evaluated Expression Language) feature, jQuery like object traversing
  • Content workspaces

Neos CMS custom package development

Neos CMS is built on top of a modern and flexible Flow framework. Lelesys has professional services to create custom plugins and packages for Neos. Following are few points to consider about custom package development for  Neos

  • Mostly any Flow package can be used as Neos plugin with some changes. 
  • Flow provides easy and extensible way of developing plugins for Neos. Flow being MVC architecture does not have complex extension development life cycle like in old TYPO3 CMS.
  • Neos Community will be adding hundreds of opensource plugins in near future which can be extended easily and used for your business purpose.
  • You can build your custom application as a Flow package and use them as plugins in Neos to take advantage of Neos content management, site management and package management features.
  • Content management features of Neos can be customized as well by writing custom packages to make it suitable for your business needs and work-flows.

Personal Demo

If you would like to have online demo of Noes by one of our project managers please contact us. We will be able to provide you a detailed demo of Neos on Skype and also see how it can be customized for your requirements.

Free proposal

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