TYPO3 CMS to Neos CMS migration

Migrate your TYPO3 CMS 4.3, 4.5, 4.7 or 6.x website to Neos CMS which is most modern version of content management system developed by Neos CMS Community. 

Most modern content management system

Neos CMS is a most modern content management system developed initially to slowly replace TYPO3 CMS. Now it is a standalone product with vibrant community of developers and companies.

Migrating TYPO3 Extensions 

We migrate your custom developed TYPO3 Extensions to Neos CMS by rewriting them with most sophisticated way or programming.

Migrating content 

Having huge content? No worries! We also develop automated scripts in order to migrate you content from TYPO3 CMS to Neos CMS. 

Relaunch your website to highly efficient, responsive mobile enabled and search engine friendly portal easily using  Neos CMS. Lelesys is a top company for Neos CMS services in Germany. 

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Features and functions

Neos CMS backend

  • Neos supports real in place editing for the first time. You can just click and start editing your webpages. 
  • Supports multiple columns and you can create your column structure on the page as you like. This is much flexible than too restrictive CMS systems.
  • Provides many basic content elements. It is possible to add more content elements and plugins using existing packages by Lelesys as well as custom development for your project.
  • Built-in Media management system aka Digital Assets Management which can manage your digital assets on the server or on the cloud.
  • Provides editing modes as in-place editing and raw content editing. 
  • You can see your unpublished changes at a central place called as workspace. In future it will also support content versioning and workflows
  • Neos has built-in User Management system and multiple users can edit the content at a time. You can also manage granular access.
  • Neos is mobile and tablet friendly and you can edit your responsive design websites as well as preview them while you edit. 

Migration of content

Content structure of TYPO3 CMS and Neos is very different. It is possible to migrate most of the content and pages along with digital assets to Neos by writing scripts. Lelesys has done such migration recently and it has been successful. However considering some complex content there would be need of some editing.

Hosting for Neos CMS

Your existing TYPO3 CMS hosting package may not be sufficient for TYPO3 Neos as Neos uses latest version of PHP as well as uses advance features than TYPO3. So you might have to ask your hosting company to upgrade your hosting package to Virtual Private Server (VPS) or the one compatible with Neos. Some hosting companies already support pre-installed Neos hosting packages. Visit here for more information 


TYPO3 CMS is powered by more than 4000 extensions available freely from typo3.org community. You must have used many of them already. Neos is new and there are only basic extensions available. Lelesys has already released some common Neos extensions aka packages to open source. Community is working hard to release most commonly used extensions for Neos as soon as possible. 

Custom packages for Neos CMS

All your custom developed packages needs to be rebuilt using TYPO3 Flow. Using TYPO3 Flow you get modern structure of clean code as well as capability of extending your custom extensions/packages increases making your Neos based website long term and more reliable. 

Lelesys is one of the first companies who can worked on real world Enterprise TYPO3 Flow projects. We have already released some of our work as open source packages. 

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