News on the internet has become the mainstream media for all aspect of business and common life. With more and more people using smartphones, news is more read on mobile devices than on Desktops. Businesses use internet news feeds as way to feed news for the stock market as well as customers. Large organisation release important announcements by internet news portals than on TV. Following are some key features, when we develop a News portal for a business, sports or any organisation.

News setup

News are divided into sections and categories. Each News has image, teaser text, full text, tags and SEO keywords. It is also possible to define custom URL for the news item. News can have comments where users can submit comments on each news item. Check our News Package here 

Social Media 

News are effectively shared on Social media networks. While creating news pages in the website, also include Tags required for social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. When user share a link on the Social Media website, due to the Tags in the website, the Social media (like Facebook) can pickup right Image, Title & Teaser Text etc, and arrange in a good format desired by the Social media, and post on the Social media channel (like Facebook). 

It is possible to post website News on social media channels automatically, as soon as it is created on the website.

Authoring  (Content Dimensions)

With Neos 1.1 and 1.2 it would be possible to create / edit content subject to different variants, known as "content dimensions". As an author you will be able to create / edit the content for combinations of variants such as Persona, Languages and countries. 

Example: Author can showcase different text (& Language) , different Images etc as per the location of the Viewer

This is seen as an alternative to conventional way of handling Language Translation in (Multilingual Feature) of TYPO3 Neos.


With TYPO3 Neos 1.1 it is possible to create content with multiple languages, locale as well as device specific variants. Content editor can write News in default language and also write translations in any number of languages.


With TYPO3 Neos your news article is no more static. You can make different layout for each news article in multiple columns as well as using additional content elements. At the time of designing the news package we just have to include default template for the news pages.  When you edit the news items you are free to edit the text and images as you wish. In addition, you can include tabs, accordion, image gallery, videos and custom content elements. Checkout our News Demo here.


It is possible to define a workflow and implement a custom workflow as package in TYPO3 Neos. You can define users who can edit the content and other users who can review and publish. Currently this feature will be fully available after version 1.2 of Neos. However it is possible to develop custom workflows. 

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