Digital Transformation is evolution of existing business model to new digital business model or transforming existing way of doing business to digital technologies. It involves radical change in the business model with automation and development of digital products to replace existing ways of doing business. Generally goal is to stay competitive in the digital world and also achieve higher sales and improve customer experience. 

Development of strategy

First step for a successfull Digital Transformation is defining goals and strategy to develop new business model. 

Innovating new business model 

Digital transformation means radical change in your business model. We help you to define your new business model to deliver your services and products in digital way. 

Defining strategy 

We help you to define strategy for product development, sales, marketing, online support and customer training - all digital! 

Steps for product development

General steps for product development can be as following 

  • Gathering requirements from your legacy product. 
  • Converting all or part of the product to digital 
  • Developing application for delivery or digital products to your customers. 
  • Defining how to deliver offline components along with digital products. 
  • Continuous tracking of sales and improve the product.

IT infrastructure 

We develop required IT infrastructure for your using mostly opensource technologies. It may involve dedicated hardware on premise or hosted in the cloud service. We continously monitor and support the IT infrastructure for you. 

Continuous learning and improvements

Development of digital products never end. We work closely with you to learn from customer feedback and suggest methods to solve the problems to make product more competitive. We work in agile method to make this happen in most efficient way keeping the costs reasonable.


Components of digital strategy 

While developing your new business model we have to take into account different components of your business. Each role will need to be prepared in order to implement the change. 

Following are some questions we need to resolve while developing your new business model.


  • What benefits customers would get from the change?
  • If customers will accept the change?
  • Will it change the value of the product?
  • Will it have any negative effect on the user experience? 
  • Will it be more competitive in the market?


  • Is your existing team capable of delivering the product?
  • What training will be required?
  • Which new skills you need to hire?
  • How it affect employee happiness and overall productivity?
  • Will it increase Revenue Per Employee of your business?


  • Is your management ready to accept the change?
  • Are they aware of top to bottom change in the model of the business?
  • Are they aware of the opportunities in the digital economy?
  • What awareness needs to be created?

Legacy applications 

  • What changes will be required in your legacy applications/product?
  • Do we have to redevelop them or we can reuse part of existing product?
  • What changes will be required in the production process?
  • What will it cost to develop your digital product?

 IT infrastructure 

IT infrastructure may have following points to consider 

  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Security
  • Scalability 
  • Data protection requirements. 
  • Backup and restore 
  • Integration with third party systems.

Data analysis / analytics 

After initial development of your digital product we work with you closely to measure success of new business model using Data Analytics. We setup platform for you to collect data and generate reports for analysis of new business model. 


Good to read!

In his new book, Digitize or Die, Schneider Electric internet of things (IoT) guru Nicolas Windpassinger lays out the case for all companies to find their IoT digital transformation groove. According to Windpassinger, global vice president of the company's EcoXpert partner program, organizations that don't embrace IoT to improve sales, services and data mining insights also risk death.

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