Relaunch of using TYPO3 Neos with responsive design

Business needs

The company was having a basic website built using simple php. The web presence of the company was limited due to dependencies and the structure was not extensible to satisfy the future needs of the company. 

Zeaborn is growing they were interested in managing the business online along with the usual website content. Hence they were needing a extensible Content Management System. Lelesys recommended customer TYPO3 Neos.


The old website template was not good enough to new requirements. Lelesys helped the customer to make a new template implementation in TYPO3 Neos. The new template is modern responsive design with HTML5 & CSS3 and futuristic in Content Management System.

The website also has some standard packages (extensions) developed inhouse by Lelesys like News, Contact form, Search Engine Optimization, Site map, FAQ (frequently asked questions) etc.

The packages are used to manage the content easily.

The website has login access and user management. The website is to be developed further in the next phases.


  1. Understanding the customer’s business to understand their website usability requirements.
  2. Requirement analysis and web consulting customers for the solutions
  3. Making the development environment with modern techniques for Continuous Integration
  4. Data migration from old website to new structure

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