Goa: This is where we enjoy our work!

Goa is considered best place to live in India. We feel comfortable away from dusty and crowded cities from India and can really enjoy working in Goa. You are welcome to visit us this winter!

Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year. It also has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, which is classified as a biodiversity hotspot.

In 1510, the Portuguese defeated the ruling Bijapur sultan Yousuf Adil Shah with the help of a local ally, Timayya. They set up a permanent settlement in Velha Goa (or Old Goa). This was the beginning of Portuguese rule in Goa that would last for four and a half centuries, until 1961.

More Information on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa

How to travel to Goa from Europe

Qatar Airways has regular flights from all over Europe to Goa via Doha http://www.qatarairways.com/

Condor has seasonal direct flights from Frankfurt to Goa http://www.condor.com/de/index.jsp

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