Netbeans IDE settings for beautiful TYPO3 Flow code

TYPO3 Flow coding guidelines mention "beautiful code" and we fully agree with this. Therefore we use standard settings in Netbeans IDE all over our development team at Lelesys. In this article we provide some details about how to make this possible with few settings which will make your code beautiful and life easier

After installation of NetBeans you have to take care about following things.


Just goto Tools -> Options -> Editor -> General
Remove Trailing Whitespace -> Select "Always"


Tools -> Options ->Editor -> Formatting
Expand tabs to spaces "uncheck" the checkbox if by default it is checked.
Number of spaces per indent  : "4"
Tab Size : "4"
Right Margin :  "80"


Tools -> Options ->Fonts&Colors->Syntax
select "whitespace".
Keep- Effects : Underlined
Effect Color : Gray

PHP5 Interpreter

Tools -> Options ->PHP->General
PHP5 Interpreter: /usr/bin/php

Unit Testing

Tools -> Options ->PHP->Unit Testing
PHPUnit Script : /usr/bin/phpunit
Skeleton Genarator Script : /usr/bin/phpunit-skelgen

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