Mobile apps

Lelesys develops Mobile Apps including design, server components and app for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. We develop your app idea into viable architecture which can grow with functionality in the future. 

Ionic is an open source platform for developing hybrid mobile apps using HTML5 and JavaScript

Apache Cordova is an open source mobile application development framework  

Flow is an open source web applications and API development framework, suitable for mobile apps backend.

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework maintained by Google. It is used for web as well as mobile apps development.

Full service

Lelesys provides full service from concept, design, development, testing and support of mobile apps. 

Process of development starts with concept development based on requirements of the customer. Lelesys develops concept based on best possible solutions in modern world. Part of the concept is developing wireframes and screens of the mobile apps. We use Creator tool from Ionic in order to do collaborative concept development with the customer.

Based on the concept our designer creates design and color scheme for the application. While designing the app usability as well as corporate identity is taken into consideration.

Applications are developed using Ionic Framework, Cordova and Flow framework. Our applications are hybrid and they can be distributed via stores of Apple, Google and Windows. Apps are tested on simulators as well as real devices like iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows tablets.

Along with Mobile App, Lelesys also provides web application or website for the app connected as a complete application platform.  

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