Lelesys has been developing custom software for Enterprise as well as Small and Medium businesses since last 15 years. We have strong experience delivering custom applications for industrial, financial, media, publishing, entertainment, insurance, education and so on.

Most of our projects are based on Opensource frameworks like TYPO3, Neos CMS, TYPO3 Flow, Zend Framework and other hundreds of technologies.  

We provide crucial cost advantage to our customer with our high quality development team in Goa India.

Idea and concept

We start from one line of idea and develop whole concept to fullfill your requirements. We study your business and suggest productive ideas for your application. 

In this phase our consultants will visit your all over Europe and work with you closely. 

Application architecture

Based on Idea and Concept our team of experts in Germany and India will create application architecture. Based on this architecture we also provide you cost proposal.



Deciding right technology is important as it can have bigger impact on future of your application in terms of changes and long term support. 

We mostly use most popular and stable Opensource products and cloud based services. While choosing the technology we consider - 

  • Adaptability for your requirements. 
  • Cost of implementation 
  • Stability of the product and availability of support 
  • Possibilities of extending the product for custom requirements.


Once Architecture and Technology is defined, we develop application in our development center in Goa, India. 

Development is done in Agile mode with 1 or 2 weeks of Sprints or phases. Progress of application development if transperent to you with your direct involvment in review process. 

Guarantee of Quality

We give warrenty of 1 year for all development done by Lelesys. 

Meet Lelesys

We are located in Frankfurt am Main. We would like to schedule a meeting in your office to demonstrate our capabilities for your business. Contact Mr. Hrishikesh Lele by email to sales@lelesys.com or call +49 151 64412593

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