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Kamps Bäckerei, www.kamps.de

Swiss Automotive Group, www.sag-ag.ch 

New Music Academy, www.newmusicacademy.de

Powered by Neos CMS

Neos allows you to edit content on your own right in the browser. You can use Microsoft Word like functions to edit the text and change its style. You can easily add additional content elements like Text, Image, Text with Image, Tables, Sections with 2-3-4 columns very easily.

This is quite different than any other CMS as you actually see how your webpage will look without going back and forth in the preview. You can even edit the webpages anywhere with your iPad. This flexibility also allows you to see how your page will look on mobile and tablet devices.

Demo: Try using Neos CMS

Digital media

Your website is incomplete without nice images and videos. Neos manages digital media nicely. You can upload images or select already uploaded images and create more versions of images in different sizes.

In-built image editor allows you to edit image size as well as crop part of the image to create new image. You can also input alternative text, caption and link to the image.

You can define on which date image should be shown and when to hide it from the website.

Mobile Friendly

Do not loose prospective customers who search for products and information first on mobile devices. We help you to make your website and applications mobile enabled. With HTML5 responsive design and Neos CMS we allow you to manage your website efficiently every day.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not so difficult anymore. Neos allows you to control SEO properties of all pages in your website very easily.

Neos backend allows you to configure Page Titles, URLs, Meta keywords and Meta Description.

You can also add additional metadata for Facebook and other social media networks.

Flexible layout

Neos allows you to design your own layouts in the page with 2,3 or 4 columns. You do not need to have any design or HTML skills for this. You can easily create combination of images, text and headers.

This is a very vital feature when you are making A/B testing of your website and keep on changing the layout and content of your pages.


Lelesys has made Neos capable of managing multiple languages. You can make your website in any number of languages and edit the content for each language.

It is also possible to edit page properties in multiple languages for search engine optimisation. 

See live demo of multilingual Neos website done by Lelesys  here http://www.sag-ag.ch 

Social Media 

Lelesys has already developed common components needed for any modern website. Following are some components you need and we already have them developed for you

Packages and plugins

Neos is built on top of a very powerful framework of TYPO3 Flow. Any TYPO3 Flow package can be used as Neos plugin.

Lelesys is one of the leading company who has been delivering TYPO3 Flow and Neos projects in Europe since 2011. We have also worked on a large social media platform made for a large Germany based travel booking company.

We will study your requirements and build a custom module for your business requirements.

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