Netbeans IDE settings for beautiful TYPO3 Flow code

TYPO3 Flow coding guidelines mention "beautiful code" and we fully agree with this. Therefore we use standard settings in Netbeans IDE all over our development team at Lelesys. In this article we provide some details about how to make this possible with few settings which will make your code beautiful and life easier

Setting up TYPO3 Flow coding standards

TYPO3 Flow provides rule set for code sniffer for Netbeans and other IDEs. Best way to access coding standards from This articles takes you through setting up PHP code sniffers on Netbeans and then include rule set for TYPO3 FlowSetting up CodeSnifferThe first job is to make sure you have PHP Codesniffer installed, so from a terminalsudo pear install PHP_CodeSnifferDownload the pluginYou can download the NetBeans plugin from downloads page of Benjamin Eberlei’s GitHub repository.Just Go to and download .nbm file...

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