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Setting up Neos for Arabic, RTL languages

One of our recent project need was to have website in English as well as Arabic. So we implemented this in Neos and it was very easy to achieve this in Neos. Below is how we did it.

Signals and Slots in TYPO3 Flow

Signals and slots in flow allows users to handle or execute any function based on an event. When an event is triggered a signal is emitted by using signal method and this is then handled by the slots listening to this signal. A slot can be any method defined in Flow and user can execute any code in the slot depending on his/her requirement Defining and Using Signals To define a signal, create a method which starts with emit and annotate it with a Signal annotation. Whatever parameter are defined in the signal will be handed over to any slots listening to that signal. The Signal...

Sending mails with TYPO3.SwiftMailer

Swift Mailer is a library. It is used within an application to send mails. It does not have a graphical user interface. It cannot be opened in your web browser directly. The library has a component based structure that we can implement in a number of ways. System Requirements The basic requirements to operate Swift Mailer are extremely minimal and easily achieved. Historically, Swift Mailer has supported both PHP 4 and PHP 5 by following a parallel development workflow. Now in it's fourth major version, and Swift Mailer operates on servers running PHP 5.2 or higher.Implementat...

Netbeans IDE settings for beautiful TYPO3 Flow code

TYPO3 Flow coding guidelines mention "beautiful code" and we fully agree with this. Therefore we use standard settings in Netbeans IDE all over our development team at Lelesys. In this article we provide some details about how to make this possible with few settings which will make your code beautiful and life easier

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How to change a fluid template from another package

Configuring Views through Views.yaml If you want to change Templates, Partials, Layouts or the whole ViewClass for a foreign package without modifying it directly, you can create a Views.yaml in your configuration folder of your package and override all options the view supports.           Suppose you have package “Lelesys.PackageA” and there is a StandardController which has indexAction and you have another package “Lelesys.PackageB”. You can add a Views.yaml file to Lelesys.PackageB and override template of Lelesys.PackageA StandardController's ind...

Building responsive websites using Twitter BootStrap

Responsive web design has become the leading technique for building sites that work well ondesktop computers, phones and tablets and for better readability of the online contents in different environments. With the help of CSS3 and definitely HTML5, this trend is increasing every day.To full fill this need Twitter Bootstrap open-sourced framework is a very efficient way to serve the purpose of Responsive Web Design with ease.

Activity Logging In TYPO3 Flow

IntroductionAn activity log is important for analyzing the user activities that occur on a website. It provides statistics which prove to be useful in tracking the performance of a website. These are the records which are maintained, in order to keep track of visitors to a website. The errors that occur in site functionality are also recorded. Measuring the number of visitors to the website is the log's most important function. The details that are recorded may include the following: Number of page viewsVisiting time and dateNumber of downloaded filesReferral source of the visito...

TYPO3 Flow User Authentication

TYPO3 Flow identifies the communication partner as per request received for authentication. TYPO3 Flow provides an infrastructure of authentication to use different mechanisms and infrastructure is flexible extensibility. You can write your own authentication provider and easily configure with framework. Authenticate User by authentication controller There is a separate controller for authentication in TYPO3 Flow security package. There are two actions as authenticate Action() and logoutAction() in authentication controller. When you call http://localhost/flow/authenticate in browser that ti...

Secure video hosting using MovingImage24.de

The functions of the VideoManager can be diversely applied and integrated using API (SOAP and REST) for instance in content management systems.Key features:The uploaded video file is converted into different formats and those are available for downloadingUploaded video can be updated with addtional information like category, metadata etc.Individual rights can be assigned to the files.  Integration: SOAP APITo start with authentication, you need the following details:  I] Developer-keyII] Client-key III] API-keyYou will get the Developer key and API Key from Moving Image24 customer se...

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