TYPO3 demo website by Lelesys released

TYPO3 demo website.Lelesys is proud to make available TYPO3 demo website for public. This website will demonstrate quick information about capabilities of TYPO3. 

This demo site is built upon a proven, highly-capable, web-based content management system called TYPO3. The TYPO3 development effort is led by a Christian from Denmark named Kasper SkÃ¥rhøj. TYPO3 is available for free download at TYPO3.org

Please email sales@lelesys.com  for requesting password for backend login and document how to use TYPO3 backend.
Lelesys has proven expertise in TYPO3 related services. 

Services include:
  •  TYPO3 extension development 
  • customization of TER extensions 
  • template implementation, 
  • template creation, 
  • corporate intranet using TYPO3, 
  • maintenance and upgrade of TYPO3 websites
  • TYPO3 training for users and starter developers.

This demo website includes extensions for 
  • Photo gallery
  • File download
  • News
  • Event calendar
  • User profile
  • E-commerce shop
  • Contact form

More extensions will be added in near future.
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