Online booking system of holiday apartments in Spain -Totiaran

Business need

The booking company had a old website and was due for modernization. Lelesys received the requirements from an agency in Spain. The project is not a content website but just an application as a booking engine. It does not have any Content like Blog, News and so on.  

Admin should be able to edit the content of the application manually. Lelesys recommended and implemented that, normally the data should be received from APIs automatically. 


The company is a property marketing company. Selling holiday packages of their own / associate properties only. Hence the content editing was manually.

The website is Search Engine Optimized and predominantly made for visitors of Baqueira Beret and Aran Valley region.

Visitor can search for property type and groups, Select suitable dates, Area and completes the booking process subject to availability. The booking form also has variety of fields to take care of the customers ‘likes and dislikes’. 

On receipt of booking order, the admin & associate admin receives an email notifications as applicable. All the booking orders are accessible in the “business backend” of the website. Lelesys implemented locally popular TPV payment gateway

The admin of the website can add, edit, delete, hide the apartment for booking. If there exist a booking on certain apartments it cannot be deleted from the Backend. however it can be hidden from further booking.  Lelesys has taken care of such usability features.

Different Associate has different login access to see limited ‘Admin views’. Hence Separation of Concerns are taken care in the application. 

The website is multilingual and the Language content of the website can be edited by Admin to minutest details. Language addition can be done by admin and the default content will be shown if the language translation is not inserted.


  1. Lelesys team discussed the projects with customer.
  2. Team plans the time-line and delivery stages.
  3. Regular meetings were conducted inside team and with customer.
  4. Advanced project management tool.
  5. The website is developed in Zend Framework, using  Integration of Dojo JS library, TPV payment gateway integration
  6. Developed module for booking history and payment related data.

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