Reverse auction application developed for an existing website -

Business need

In regular auction the seller puts a material for sell and the minimum ask price. In ‘Reverse Auction’ the potential purchaser puts up the ‘Requirements’, some item or services, and the sellers bid for the compliance with specifications and price.


Rather than a website (content website like news, Blog and so on) , it may be termed as web application. There are no public pages (no pages for free users), the minutes of the website are available only after login. There are 3 types of users, Purchaser, seller and Admin (Coordinator). The purchaser or seller all will contact the coordinator out of the website, and then Admin would create their access and fix roles. Uers are registered on unique email address. On same email address one can not be Purchaser and Seller.


Purchaser need to contact out of the website to admin. Admin understands the purchaser requirements and create the bid on behalf of the purchaser. The purchaser information is partly available on the website to the sellers. Purchaser can login to see the list of (purchase) auction.


After login, Seller would see the similar view as of Purchaser. But seller can participate in the auction online. They put the price and other related specifications. The auctions has specified time limits. The lower price bidder will have the advantage and will remain on top in the Purchaser view.


Admin can see a list of Auctions. After the prescribed time limit of auction the auction ends, and the data is freezed. If admin wants he can extend the time limit before ending the auction. Admin can terminate by stopping or pause or cancel the auction as per the need. The call of auction gives the privilege to the Purchaser the right to purchase but no obligation to do so. He can allow the auction to go worthless. If caller of auction (potential purchaser) is willing to complete the purchase then it should be completed in certain time limit, Else the call auction will remain worthless. It also does not oblige the purchaser to prefer the lowest bidder. It is fully purchasers privilege to chose the Seller. The purchase process is completed out of the website. The commercial specifications are completed out of the webiste. The web-application can be sold as “white label” also.

Additional features

Provide two types of reverse auctions "Visible price" and "Ranking" for customers and suppliers. Ranking is on lowest price but the price remains hidden, in visible price same is applied. In either case the price is viewed by all, and further price reduction (by editing) is possible from the sellers.

At the time of publishing fresh auction, admin view and select the Sellers to whom the invitation is to be sent. Invitation for seller participation is sent via email.

When auction on , it show all the online participants of current auction. based on same the auction can be canceled , stopped, postponed.

Generate history of all auction details in "pdf format" and "graphs". Historical  auction-graph is generated by using google API (google chart)

Renting: The admin has to fill a form to rent this application. At this time a new database and the domain is created automatically. The certain CSS modifications may apply and using the same code. This is same as creating “white label” of the website.

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